Monday, May 29, 2017

Laundry Business Seminar Manila

It's been three long years  since our last seminar and a lot has changed. This time we will share with you more knowledge and strategies in running a successful and profitable laundry business the unconventional way. Reserve your seats now!

I. Introduction to the Laundry Business
II. Four Factors in the Cleaning Process
III. Care Labels Guide
IV. Laundry Shop Layout / Design
V. Overview of the Laundry Process
VI. Financial Aspects of Laundry Business
• Capitalization (Machines, Location, Staff Requirements, Supplies, etc.)
• Feasibility Study
• Break Even
• Return of Investment
VII. Detailed Discussion of the Laundry Work Flow
• Receiving
• Sorting
• Tagging
• Spotting
• Soaking
• Washing
• Drying/Segregating
• Folding and Packing
• Claiming
VIII. Dry Cleaning and Wet Cleaning
IX. Safety Procedures
• Health and Safety
• Protective Clothing and Equipment
X. Laundry Chemicals / Other Supplies
XI. DIY vs. Full Service Laundry
How to choose the best machines. 
Machine Price lists and Suppliers.
Machine Maintenance. 
Finding a Location.
Different Marketing Strategies.
How to name your business.
Pricing and Quotation for corporate accounts. 
How to hire employees,
How to Price your Services.
How to Register your Business
Actual demonstration – Folding and Packing of Personal Items
Household Items Folding Techniques, Area Rug Cleaning
Pressing Barong and Coat.