Friday, March 9, 2018

6 Tips to Become an Entrepreneurial Mom

Being self-employed allows you to create your own schedule, be flexible and even care for your children. There are a growing number of entrepreneurial stay-at-home moms who have successfully started their own home-based businesses. An entrepreneur is not just a working mom, she is someone who starts and assumes the risk for her own business. 

Becoming your own boss is challenging, so you must be task-oriented, organized and good with time management. Consider the many options for a business and take your time in planning it. Learn how to be an entrepreneurial mom.

1.Have passion for starting your own business. In most cases, entrepreneurs must work more than usual during the first few years in order to make the business a success. Passion and drive will help to propel you forward when you are trying to balance work and kids at home.

2. Become tech savvy. Many entrepreneurial moms work from home, using the computer, phone and websites to do business. When I first started my home based business I was really clueless with regards to creating a website.I started to create a free website using weebly for free then I began buying my own domain with go daddy after a couple of years, I continue to self educate on how I can improved. I was satisfied with godaddy with my first year but I became more expensive when I renew my contract with them. I began searching for a great offer so I decided to go back to weebly which is a good choice. I am maintaining my own website so it saves me a lot. I will make another blog on how to create your won website in a couple of days from now so please check it out.

3.Determine your business and personal goals. These may include working while caring for kids, starting your own business, doing something you are passionate about or being your own boss. For most moms, they want to combine their personal and financial goals, which leads them to be their own boss.

4. Research success stories from other entrepreneurial moms.Read about opportunities for success may inspire your own business idea and interact with like-minded moms. I used to watch different shows on television wherein they feature moms who succeed from being a mompreneur and you could get tips from them too which is helpful in managing the business and family at the same time.

5. Develop your business idea. The key to a successful business venture is formulating an idea that will work in your life. The following are examples of successful businesses for busy moms.
    • Consider the skills that you have developed from years of work. Many moms decide they want to work from home after years as a professional. Chances are you do something better than most people, so decide what that thing is and try to develop a business approach.
    • Become a virtual assistant. If you have worked in an office and you have a lot of technical knowledge and experience, then companies and business people can hire you on a contractual basis to do data entry, set up appointments, write business letters, make calls, manage websites and manage marketing. You would be self-employed, market to professionals and companies and work regularly or completely from home.
    • Become a personal stylist or organizational consultant. If style or order are skills of yours, then start marketing yourself to people in need of a life change. Volunteer for friends and family until you get a client list, and then start to market on the Internet and in print or on television. Much of the research required can be done at home or at stores, with the kids in tow.
    • Become a copywriter, if you have professional experience in writing or marketing. There is a plethora of jobs available to people who can change the style and tone of their writing for different audiences. Develop a portfolio, promote yourself online and apply for telecommuting copywriting jobs. You may be able to use your experience to work with businesses in your hometown as well.
    • Become a craft seller. If you are passionate about a certain art or craft, develop it further. Once you have an original product, make an account with and/or your own website and start selling it online. Thousands of people start doing this part-time and end up making a living from their creativity. Consider signing up for booths at craft fairs to supplement your income.
    6.Make a plan. While it is essential for all entrepreneurs to have a well-vetted business plan, you should also develop a long-term personal plan, based on how much time you want to spend taking care of your children. Consider how your time will change as your children grow older.
    • Spend plenty of time developing an iron-clad business plan. You may need to present it to banks for loans or friends and family for investment. Include managerial, marketing, financial, demographic strategies and a calendar that extends at least 5 years into the future.
    • Develop a daily schedule. For example, read emails while the kids are in bed. Make calls and meet with clients while they are at school. Devote time to the kids after school. Return to your office when they are doing their homework.
    I hope these tips would encourage you to pursue your dream. If other moms can do it. You can do it too. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

My Online Store

Today I would like to share with you another money making business. Yes I love to engage in different kinds of business. As a mother I am so busy taking care of my family and their needs as well. But I am not the ordinary mom who just stays at home. I love being busy. Its one of the things that I want my children to learn. How to make a living even at a very young age and even just by staying at home. So let me first discuss with you how I ended up into this business.

Way back in December 2016 I had a customer who requested for a custom made laundry bag with their name printed on the bags. I hire people to sew the bags and I also hire someone who will do the printing. I make the quotation and submit it to the client for approval. So when the project already handed to me the guy whom I hired to do the printing was not able to deliver the items on the agreed date. We were so worried and we look for possible solutions on a very short notice. I have no time to waste so I decided to just buy the equipment needed for the printing. We bought all the equipment very last minute and I was forced to do it all by myself just to beat the deadline. Luckily we manage to deliver the items to our customer. So it all started there. From that bad experience it turns out to be a good thing after all. So right after that project I took time to study how to make these equipment worth it. For almost 6 months it has not been used after that project since most of our projects where only plain laundry bags.

I then began to explore to add custom made t shirts to my list of products. It was summer of 2017 when I was able to sell almost 150pcs of shirts. I was so busy during those time. I remember I would sleep around 3-4 AM because customers would place orders and still ask queries. It was all thanks to shopee for making online selling a hassle free from my part since all payments would be deposited to my bank account. They also offer free shipping. All I need to do is to ready the item for pick up at my place. From laundry bags, t shirts I also added more products in my online store which also includes printable leggings. All my products was made of high quality materials most of them are 100% cotton. I never sell cheap materials.

So if you want to start your own business even if your at home I would say it's not gonna be easy but it's gonna be worth it. Don't be afraid to give it a try.

Big Bad Wolf in Manila

I love books so much since I was a kid. I used to read different kinds of books from novels and romance books when I was in high school. Now that I became a mom I rarely get a chance to finish a book but I always buy good books whenever I had time.

I was so glad to hear that The Big Bad Wolf is now in Manila. Another good thing is that they are open 24 hours which is pretty good for me since I am too busy during the day. So my husband and I head there in World Trade Center around 1 in the morning we barely get enough rest but we wanted to check the books. I looked for books and workbooks for my kids here's what I got for half the price.

Most of these are my children's activity books. I also bought a bible for kids which is so nice.
There's too many books to choose from but our time is limited. 

I enjoy going there its worth it besides there is no traffic and even the place is not so crowded when we went there. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

How I Lose Weight After the Holiday Season

It's January 2018 already and I know its not just me who gained so much weight during the holiday season. I gained so much weight right after my pregnancy with my youngest baby and I am having a hard time joggling my time doing business, household chores and attending my family needs. I don't have enough time in a day to complete all the things that needs to get done in time. I was so eager to really shed these extra pounds that I gained because I can't fit in to my clothes. I am actually small-medium sized about two years ago right after pregnancy but after given birth my clothes became too tight for me that I am having a hard time what clothes to wear. I had to sell them all and removed them from my closet since they wont fit me anymore. So I decided to lose weight which is not too difficult for me. It only took me a week to eliminate some unwanted fats from my belly and I am still working out to get back from 31 inches waist to at least 26 inches before my pregnancy.It really bothered me a lot that people are mistaken me being pregnant again. 

So today let me share with you what I did. I worked out again just at home doing some cardio, lunges and weight lifting. I even started eating fish and vegetables through out the day as much as possible I rarely eat meat and sweets. I also drink infused water with either cucumber or lemon on it.

I used to buy bottled juice claiming that they are made of pure fruit extracts without sugar in it. I became too meticulous on what food I ate. Its very important that you watch what food you eat and regular work out is also a must. It doesn't have to be in the gym but you can do it just at home. In my case I was always get bothered by my kids so I do my work outs three times a week during morning while all of them are still sleeping tightly. As a mom of 5 kids its really difficult but I need to focus. It is my duty as a mom to stay fit and healthy for me to be able to take good care of them well. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Homemade Food in a Jar

I am so excited to share with you my new hobby that turned into business. As the eldest child I do all the chores when I was younger. I grew up with my grandma and aunt cooking and selling different kinds of home made products from home. I remember during that time my grandma had so much to do in taking orders from customers. She cook authentic kapampangan delicacies that she also learned from her mother. I happened to inherit her talent in making great and delicious food. I remember when the time I got married that I would visit her and ask for her own recipes so I could cook it at home. I owe it all to her.

Finally the long wait is over and I am really excited and happy with my new business which I named after my eldest daughter Alizia. I named it Zia's Kitchen.Our products are dulce de leche spread, pure honey, chili sauce and gourmet bagoong. I am also looking forward to make new products to sell in the market soon. For now we are now ready to take your orders for the following products. We are currently selling it online. Hopefully by January we can have it available in the groceries.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Hassle Free Online Grocery

As you all know, I am a busy momtrepreneur with different task that need to get done on time. Running an errand like grocery is really time consuming, add on the traffic that you will face and the loads that I need to lift is no joke at all. Thanks to honestbee because i don't have to worry about going to the grocery anymore it's super convenient for me specially when it's raining. All you have to do is download the app at your mobile phone and it's all set you just do your shopping and wait for the delivery guy to bring your grocery at your door. 

One more thing about this app is that they are giving away a FREE 500php off on your first order and still you can get another 500php off for every successful referral. 

You may use this code and get 500php less on your order. Minimum of 2,500php is required to avail the discount.

Tim Howan Uptown Mall BGC

Tim Howan is one of our favorite restaurant located in Bonifacio Global City. Just a few minutes from where we lived. What I loved most about Tim Howan is they are open til 3AM. Isn't it too good specially for the busy people like us who doesn't have enough time to spend outside. So Tim Howan in BGC is super nice place because it is so cozy and the food is great as well compared to their Megamall branch. I dine in to Megamall branch twice and I don't know why its not the same. We love Tim Howan whether with our kids along or just us.They have different set of meals for lunch and dinner.

                We usually come late so we always ended up ordering the same thing. 

I love their Beef Tendon Noodles, It was so delicious and the food is not overcooked or too salty. Taste is perfect all the time. 

Chicken and Sausage Mushroom also is another must try comes with rice and their sauce.

Spring roll with egg white is also one of our favorite. Everything is delicious and well prepared. The price is so affordable too. You can also enjoy the venue specially during wee hours when its not too crowded unlike during the peak hours when you will have to wait longer to be seated.