Thursday, August 29, 2013

Home Based Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

Being a stay-at-home mom or full time housewife is no longer fashionable in this present age. The reason is because the economy is getting tougher. Nowadays both parents needs to work to sustain the needs of their growing family. But who should look after the kids? As a mother of four it was too difficult balancing my time for my family and business since we are having a hard time getting a reliable baby sitter. I was just lucky to have a supportive husband not just as a partner in raising our kids but in managing our business as well. 

"Two are better than one, for they may well enioy the profit of their labour." Ecclesiastes, 4:9,

Having been through a lot of hardship, "I realized that when there is extreme difficulty it also comes with extreme opportunity." So now let me show you some business ideas that are suitable for moms who want to spend more time with their family while working.

1.  Start a daycare center
A daycare center is one of the best businesses you can start from home, especially if you love being around children. Operating a day care center allows you to spend a great deal of time with your own children while taking care of other people’s children as well. This business is a good choice for moms and women who are already experienced in caring for children.

2.   Start making novelty gifts and party favors from home
If you are a creative individual, and you have an eye for good art designs; then you can start making party favors from home. With proper marketing, you are sure to make a lot of money on Christmas, Baptismal, Wedding, Birthday, etc.

3.  Start selling home baked goods
If you are skilled in baking and making snacks, you can as well consider going into the business of selling home baked snacks. This business is lucrative especially when you become a known brand within your neighborhood. You can start by baking cupcakes, pies, cookies, homemade bread, etc.

4.  Become a freelance contractor
Doing freelance jobs is another great way to earn money from home. In fact, this business is very profitable. If you reside in countries such as Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana, China, India, etc; then this is an opportunity for you to earn an extra income because jobs are now been shipped out of the U.S. Example of jobs you can do online from home include writing, typing, editing, script writing, animated video production, etc.

5.  Offline and Online Tutoring
This field no longer only caters to struggling children or those people with learning disabilities. Rather, parents are now flocking to tutors to help their children get ahead and learn much faster. Times are changing indeed. Another tactical approach to this business is to take your teaching skills online. Do you know that there are a lot of people online willing to pay to learn English language? Do you know that the educational trend is now moving towards online learning? Well, I leave you to your thoughts.

6.  Start a business coaching service
Do you have administrative or management experience? Have you been through trying times and overcame? Then you can become a business coach. When the economy gets tough, business owners need all the help they can get to move ahead. As a business coach, your duty is to empower these business owners and managers, and help them improve their work performance; through personal development and change.

7.  Start an elderly care service
A growing population of elderly citizens means big opportunity for non-medical home care service providers. Your task in this business is to help the elderly people go through their daily lives. Examples of services you can offer include house cleaning, transportation, dietary assistance, bathing, etc.

8. Start a web designing business
In today’s technology driven world, business owners are realizing the importance of having their businesses on the internet. In fact, running a web based business is a trend that has come to stay. So, if you have got the technical know-how and the skills, you can build a career as a web designer right out of your closet.

9. Start a candle and craft production
Making and selling these handicrafts is a great way to make good money. If you are good at making attractive crafts, you can have your children help you create these items while you market them easily from your home. You can also venture into small scale candle production as candles are always in demand throughout the year.

10.  Start a catering service
Catering can be a good idea for that mom who loves cooking and entertainment. Most of the work can be done in your home while looking after your children. You don’t need to rent a space and you can only spend a minimal time out of the house; that is if you plan adequately and have a competent staff.

11.  Start offering nanny services
Another business you can do from home is a babysitting business. You can fulfill your dream of working from home by rendering nanny services to busy mothers who do not have enough time for their babies, as a result of their job or other things.

12. Publish your own book
Yes. You can become a publish author without even leaving your home. Instead of spending your free time gossiping with other jobless housewives or chatting online, why not write a book. You can either publish through a traditional publishing company or you can self publish online through Amazon and Kindle. J. K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter series became a billionaire right from home. If she can do it, you too can.

13.  Start an event planning business
Do you possess good organizational skills? Do you thrive under pressure? Do you have a flair for putting together beautiful events? If yes, then you will succeed as a event planner. You can even take your business further by putting it on the web.

14.  Start a carpet cleaning business
Only but a few people are willing to let their carpets get dirty but unfortunately, they don’t have time to clean their carpet. This is where you come in. You can help people clean their carpet and you get paid for the service that you have rendered.

15. Start a housekeeping service
Housekeeping services is all about helping people maintain and keep their houses in order. You can start around your neighborhood and with time, you will get to extend your services to other areas. Extra services you can do alongside your housekeeping service include housecleaning, lawn care, etc.

16. Start a buy and sell business
You can start your buy and sell business by selling the stuffs you don’t need found in your home. I used to sell unused items and turn it to cash then used this to purchase an item which is in demand. “All i do is supply a demand” like diapers which will i buy in bulk then unsold items can be used by my kids, detergents soaps, big bikes which my husband trade for cash, furniture, gadgets and more.

16. Start a laundry business at home
You can start your laundry business at home. I started my own laundry shop from home with a little capital because everything i needed to run this business was found in my own laundry room. Starting a home laundry service is a great way to make money without having to sacrifice a lot of your time. 


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