Thursday, February 7, 2013

Construction Business

As the Philippine property boom gathers pace, many foreign investors like Donald Trumph, Japanese and Korean investors are investing in construction business in the Philippines.

There are plenty of constructions everywhere like the high rise condominiums, townhouses and commercial establishments around the Philippines.

It is the right time to engage into construction business, fueled by steady economic growth, the buying power of millions of Filipinos working abroad and low interest rates.

I have been into hardware retail business for almost seven years and it is truly a good business to start with.The company started mainly to supply construction materials for residential, apartments and detached family homes. I was clueless into business when i get into construction business but being hands on i learned a lot of things the hardest way. Yes, comes from the name hardware it is indeed hard. I gained knowledge the hardest way yet it is priceless.  

If you envision one day having a large, profitable construction business, starting a small construction business could be the way to go. Starting your own small business will take a little work and money, but it might save you in the long run if you are deciding what you want your business to be and how far you want to take it. 

Managing a construction company requires a diverse skill set and fearless attitude dealing with challenges. You must be able to understand the various business logistics of a company, the specific technical aspects of the construction company, and also the financial outlook of a contract-based business. Managing a construction company requires the ability to wear multiple hats; you are a human resource manager, a purchaser, salesman and an accountant. 

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