Monday, November 21, 2016

Raspberry Laundry Choose Electric Delivery Bikes

Raspberry Laundry now provides pick-up and delivery service using electric bicycles, saving a lot of gas, pollution, and money. We are particularly proud of this aspect of our business. 

Raspberry Laundry and Dry Clean Services choose electric delivery bikes because it is fast, inexpensive to buy, and cost almost nothing to run, offering all the benefits of petrol powered scooters with none of the pollution, noise and taxes. They are less maintenance and very efficient. 

Electric delivery bikes offer many advantages over petrol powered scooters:
* no need for vehicle insurance
* reduce capital expenditure and operating cost
* reduce area noise pollution
* cut traffic congestion and air pollution
* improve brand value

* no coding and license needed

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Personalized Canvass Bag / Drawstring Laundry Bags / Eco Bag / Tote Bags Supplier

We supply canvass bags, drawstring bags, laundry bag, eco bag and tote bag. We customized size and design of your choice. We deliver and ship nationwide. For your orders and queries you may call us at 0956.369.4038 or visit


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Seven Financial Lessons

It’s no secret our grandparents view the world differently. If you’re like the majority of people, your grandparents or great grandparents lived through the Great Depression. The financial lessons they learnt during that harsh time are a legacy worth sharing. I was lucky to have been able to spend time with my grandmother learning the many life and financial lessons she had to share. Some I’ve learnt well, others I’m still working on. 

1. Cash Only 

My grandmother never used credit. Ever. She only paid cash. If she didn’t have the cash , she didn’t buy it. She was always able to save. She was a classic example of ‘it’s not what you earn, it’s what you spend, that matters’.

2. Value What You Have

When you value your belongings and consider them investments, you take care of them. Nowadays, it’s seemingly cheaper to throw it away and replace it than it is to repair it. That goes for everything from clothes to appliances. My grandmother took care of all her possessions because she valued not just the item but the money it took to purchase it in the first place.

3. Practical Skills Are Priceless

My grandmother grew up in the province and like most women of her generation she knew how to do and make a great many things that we now outsource to industry. She could cook, knit and sew, milk a cow, garden… you name it, she could do it. She also used some of those practical skills to earn a little extra money and keep herself busy.

4. Emergency Fund

Of course, my grandmother never called it an emergency fund, to her it was ‘saving for a rainy day‘. And, it was a priority. She knew that having money in the bank was insurance against adversity.

5. Grow Food

My grandmother knew that a productive kitchen garden ensured you always had plenty of fresh vegetables available, regardless of the state of your budget. Good food is the foundation of good health. 

These are the vegetables from my mini garden.

6. Wants and Needs – Know the Difference

We’re constantly bombarded by advertising… It’s no wonder we can’t distinguish between a want and a need. Everything seems to be a need. Being able to make this distinction can mean the difference between living well with money in the bank and living from pay cheque to pay cheque with a mountain of consumer debt looming over you.

7. Luxuries Don’t Have to be Expensive

Like knowing how to discern the difference between a want and a need, my grandmother also knew that sometimes the real luxuries were the little things in life: taking time out to enjoy a sunny day, fresh flowers in a vase, a special dessert. Not a designer bag or luxury cruise in sight!
I’ve weathered a few financial storms during my life and I hope that, like my grandmother, I’ll be able to pass on some of the wisdom I’ve acquired (the hard way) along with the wisdom passed to me, to my own future grandchildren.

How to be stylish without spending money

Bargain shopping can be turned into an art. Once you've mastered it, your closet will be full of cute and affordable clothes that express your unique personality and style. There are numerous ways to shop on a budget, and it might take a little experimenting to see which method of bargain shopping is best for you.

I am wearing a white top which I bought for only 100php and black bottoms for 50php.

1. Shop at Outlet malls or Tiangge. 

 Outlet malls carry discounted clothing from past seasons, or clothing from current seasons that isn't selling well in retail stores. And, while already discounted, outlet stores have sales too. The sale price of an already discounted item is a great way to be stylish while saving money.
  • When you walk into an outlet mall store, there will be beautiful displays just like in a traditional retail store. Instead of shopping here, head to the clearance racks to get the best deals.
  • Outlet malls tend to become a whole day affair so make sure you allot yourself enough time to shop.
2. Go thrift for clothes. 

Shopping at thrift or ukay ukay stores is an awesome way to save money and find one-of-a-kind pieces. Thrift isn't as glamorous as most shopping experiences – thrift stores can be dirty, dusty, and extremely cluttered. But if you're willing to dedicate some time to thoroughly look, you just might find some gems.
  • Thrift stores are cheaper than any other store or sale rack. You might find less clothing to buy, but the pieces you do find will be unique and affordable.
  • Thrifting will allow you to include some other fashion eras in your wardrobe. Good fashion is timeless, so adding some vintage pieces will enhance your closet.
3. Shop at factory overruns store. 

These are the best stores to shop at when you're looking for designer brands and current trends at friendly prices. They normally carry clothes that are in season and offer a huge variety.
  • Some examples of these stores are Factory Overruns. You can find these stores in almost every city, so go online to find the discount stores near you.
  • When a major designer produces more items than it can sell at department stores, off-price retailers, otherwise known as discount stores, buy the merchandise at discounted prices. Then, they pass these savings onto customers. This is how you're able to save money shopping at these stores.
  • Full-priced department stores have the option of returning merchandise to clothing manufacturers if it doesn’t sell, but discount stores’ purchases are final. Because of this, they must sell everything they have in stock. This makes sale prices astoundingly low.